Social media is one of the greatest land grabs on the internet since web domains, and it is free. You have the ability to create, share, inspire, educate, and create change among friends, current customers, future customers, and even those you may never meet.

The path to doing so is being authentic. Yes, you will change and your audience will react accordingly, but we are in an era where our struggles, weaknesses, pains, and yes successes, happiness, and more have value.

On this journey of launching new companies, brands, and ideas … and my own personal escapades online, a key action in the beginning is to set a purpose for each social media page. Personal pages, fan pages, brand pages, etc … each needs a purpose and should be fed generously. These need not be commercially biased, but have an intention for each site.

Also … careful on stretching yourself to far and wide in the beginning. Follow my five step process, build your habits, and then only should you expand.

How do you make money on social media?  Easy … by having relevant valuable content (see the first paragraph above)

How do you get more followers that are actually engaged (yes engaged is more important than the number you buy from some craigslist ad)? Ask me tomorrow …

Love you all.


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