Your body is incredible. It is resilient, adaptable, and capable of healing itself throughout an entire lifetime. Fitness too has proven to be capable of healing and adapting, and today we now see better studies and alignment with effective and efficient training practices that lead to incredible results.

Now we all want to look amazing from working out. That exists, but once you get past that goal there is another that rapidly emerges. The desire and obsession with extending the quality of your life. This doesn’t mean through pills and machines that anchor us to the power outlet.

No — we want to be FREE to experience the world

We want this especially as we are older and can see our legacy and impact on our community, family, and passions. YOUR #1 shortcut to a better life is through fitness. A recent study showed after evaluating over 12,000 participants, the results showed that weekly resistance exercise (1–3x a week for a total of an hour)” was associated with approximately 40–70% decreased risk of total CVD events”

As I say often, if you don’t have a coach get a coach. One in all aspects of life is important but most critical is — mindset, health, fitness, and then profession. These, in this order, will deliver the happiest and longest possible life.

If you cannot get a coach, then be sure YOUR fitness program has at least these 3 key attributes :

  1. Resistance — hold some weight and do exercise (kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, your nephew, just add weight)
  2. Intervals — Play with working and resting states for any aerobic effort
  3. Multi-Plane — Please, get your body trained in all directions .. you will thank me when you are chasing your kid or catching a taxi in Paris

Here is the link to the abstract on the research, you can pull the full article if you like too. Overall it is incredibly exciting to see additional research supporting exercise activities that are beyond simple ‘long slow distance’ cardio efforts. Which unfortunately create greater fat and reduce muscle mass while weakening the bones in the athletes… more on this topic soon!

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