How often do you find yourself hurrying about … pressing hard through meetings, pushing your team, and definitely yourself towards a goal. Do you feel anxious, stressed, and alone in this struggle to get to that magic goal?

I do and I have exposed in my behavior a few raw spots. To be balanced though, you must push yourself, press forward, and know how your actions are mapping to those goals. If your actions aren’t reflecting your ambitions, true depression and anxiety brews — believe in your goals, set actions daily, and move forward.

Goals steer your direction, keep your focus, and allow you to live in the present

You can allow the goals to blind you, to the point where you lose sight of the truly beautiful gift you have been given. Life.

Goals… another day to share, but please find those and balance them not just career, but family, health, mind, and spirit. How you evolve and change will surely impact these defined goals and that is great. You can grow out of your goals, you can today say you wish to run 1 mile and then in a year seek to run 3, or to start doing back handsprings, or to read a book, or write a book, or anything that reflects your true heart at this present moment.

The key here to happiness and fulfillment, is just that … this present moment

The blindness of the goal erases the process, the present, and those beautiful things around that make up life. People, nature, the world as it spins, and you are on this journey. Blind rage to the goal is at the cost of the present.

A few analogies that help me recognize these errors …

  • Football, you play the game .. even if you don’t score touchdowns every drive .. it is the actual playing that is the enjoyment. Sure the touchdown keeps score, but a good game isn’t measured by the quantity of goals, but the play itself
  • Building a new building — it’s the craftsmanship, the team interactions, the creative decisions, and the realization of seeing people utilize the space you created.
  • Raising kids — we are raising kids to raise them .. it isn’t a race to push them out of the house or send them away. It is the one on one contact and experience where they and we grow

It is difficult to articulate, but I have seen myself fall victim to being blinded by the end result of a project and activity. I begin to lean in and work all angles to reach the magic of “done”, but at a cost. Pushing for done instead of building to done is an important distinction.

Costs to pushing to done vs building

  • Strain and stress on peers and team
  • Loss of learning and camaraderie in the ultimate win
  • Aggressive, a-hole behavior and tendencies are likely
  • You, unpleasant and feeling alone

I beg you … embrace your goals, use them to light the path, and then build to the goal while living in the present moment. If you are living for a future goal, that you ultimately are free to change, will you ever truly arrive and thus have fated yourself to forever missing out on living?

The work = 98% of time; Goal = 2% of time, where do you want to be happy and present?

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