How to have a great workout - should you do instagram workouts, mindset, coaching, and stress

There is a difference between a planned training experience that delivers both physical and the right psychological affects. It takes study of human behavior, understanding of (yes) psychology, anatomy, programming, muscle dynamics, your athletes, the season, and more. When I work with athletes I deeply consider all of these factors. In fact, it is my Continue Reading

What is your ideal self? If you could design what is the ideal man or woman, who would they be?

Often I hear, I want to be just like my Dad or Mom. These role models you were raised around gave constant feedback and demonstrations of someone successful. Well, successful by the simple definition of they were still around and able to bring another human into the world. Others see how their parents raised them, Continue Reading

You have trained for days, weeks, months, years, and now we have Peachtree Road Race right around the corner, so how do you crush it?

Questions we will answer: Do you know how much water to drink for a 10k race? Do you know how to tell if you need electrolytes, salts, or food to not bonk on your race? What should your food look like — up to and the day of? The race is here and you have been training. You’ve Continue Reading

You feel stressed, but what is happening in your body?

Heart rate and Heart Rate Variability — work stress, whoop project One of the great opportunities we have today is to not only understand how to maximize human performance and happiness, but also to become highly specialized. More and more technology and research is beginning to demonstrate what our bodies are doing in certain moments. To that end, Continue Reading

Fitness, How to manage your fatigue and achieve your goals

Persevering in the face of struggle, challenge, and physical demands. Training to be healthier, fitter, and to compete puts us in tough moments. We call these the dark places when training — those hard moments where your mind is screaming nothing but negativity and pessimism. Equally challenging are those moments on long workouts and or endurance efforts. Deep Continue Reading

Reframing your mindset: Seeing the good and living positive

I wasn’t born with a negative mindset, and neither were you. Over time though life happens, people’s baggage becomes your baggage, and the crowds you surround yourself with begin to influence you. These aren’t permanent behaviors, but they are learned and so to unlearn them like everything it takes effort. That effort begins because you Continue Reading