What is the value of your digital product compared to your in-person product?

Today we are seeing many businesses, universities and others deploying a remote or virtual version of their in-person product. This trend has been incredible to be a part of in 2020. What’s interesting at this time though is the variance of value applied to the products we saw before the pandemic vs during/after the pandemic. Continue Reading

Before Quarantine vs After Quarantine: Cybersecurity & Privacy forever changing

A transformation of needs, market demands, and general health considerations has put pressure on cybersecurity and privacy. What changes do you see possible as a result as compared to Before Quarantine vs After Quarantine  Cybersecurity benefit demands in the human space We are going to see more technology and more demand around cybersecurity, but we’re going Continue Reading

What content should you create and publish to win online — secrets of creators on Instagram, LinkedIN, Tiktok, etc..

One of the biggest questions I have struggled with personally is around what I share with the world, what I do, and knowing what is the best investment of my time. In fact, as I have worked in launching companies these past 15 years and helping others grow through online digital content, it appears to Continue Reading