By invitation only, monthly one on one sessions and group as appropriate for individuals looking to grow themselves – mindset, focus, business, and career ambitions.

Is this you?

  • Members have been college graduates seeking balance and excellence as they accelerate into their chosen career paths
  • Start-up founders needing an external voice to confide in; to help develop strategy, and that through connection and practical hands on help can see their business flourish
  • Established businesses seeking execution advice and help on strategy
  • Content influencers, authors, speakers, and public voices seeking to make a larger impact (tactical, philosophy, and more)

Is this you?

The mentor group is designed to serve the individual to achieve those willing to put in the work that are following their own internal compass.

Mentorship involves:

  • One on one strategy sessions – career, leadership, product launch, and start-up activities
  • Remote check-ins
  • Custom developed tools and direction based on goals
  • Access to companies, experts, and innovators across James’ 1,000s of established relationships
  • 6 month commitment with recurring billing and reward