All the pots in the fire .. when you are passionate about so many things and don’t know where to focus

How often do we find ourselves reflecting at our priorities for the day and realize, maybe, just maybe, we may be pushing the boundaries of reasonable. I mean, I am all for you being a renaissance man or woman and pulling from different trades and spaces. The real lift though comes when these share a Continue Reading

Lessons learned from communicating poorly…

Divorce It’s really that simple. When you aren’t over communicating, daily, and honestly things break apart. I have seen this truth in personal relations, professional relations, and in business ventures. You can avoid these painful moments by keeping the following truths at the top of your mind: Communicate **why** often together — why are you together; why Continue Reading

What is …

An approach to eliminate regret and doubt A basic beginning to every question. There is curiosity in it though for how we view our actions and impact. One can look at it from the lens of questioning and subsequently suggest and thus establish an eventual disruptive element of doubt. These seeds of doubt are our perception. Continue Reading

The Cloud, an ego free viewpoint for innovation in bringing new products to market

How can you achieve distinction in your business, grow, and allow your developers to truly express their genius. It is through the exposure to landscapes, customer engagement, and technology that has never existed. Certainly you can find these everywhere, not just the cloud. The advantage of the cloud is you do not require the setup Continue Reading