James accompanied by talented artists in the local Atlanta area captures memories, portraits, events, and builds content for online awareness. Please enjoy below some of our most recent and favorites. If you love our style, please message us – we’d love to work together for you.

Favorite photoshoots

  • People (celebrations, hosted events at locations), sporting (CrossFit competitions) –
    • what you can expect, all of the raw images taken during the shoot; no watermarking; 100% copyright free; shared use for our marketing purposes, and on request beautiful edits
  • Your Business (food, etsy items, and your business teams) –
    • what you can expect; images that you can post immediately online for brand awareness and new business sales on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and your website

Favorite video storytelling

Video demands capturing your business and then crafting it into a timeline that you leverage for your business. We do this for you.

  • We create your main website – keystone video.
  • We create your monthly promotion videos for Instagram (IGTV)
  • We create your 20-40 TikTok Videos with your team a month

This is a serious time for video, and the benefit from awareness and evergreen content has never been better. You must be creating this content, at scale, and yes keep your business operating everyday.

Our Company of artists will set your schedule; co-draft the topics; record; post-edit; and deliver to you ready to publish.

This is serious times for video – you either are doing it full time, or you must have a partner.

Portfolio Highlights