Our Best Self Podcast

Hear ideas, insights, and practical smarts from influencers; hard practitioners; experts, seasoned individuals and myself to empower you to have the greatest success and happiness.


The ambition of the audio experience is simple – bring forward ideas in an audio format podcast, Alexa skills, and at live events. As a result of how we deliver content, every recording can achieve over a million listens in less than a year. We not only deliver the entire audio content, but also deliver segments to the audiences that are asking for the details (Alexa inquiries and briefs) which means what we create is delivered to those who will benefit the most from the insights.

Mission and intention of content

(Art, always in progress), I am building and delivering a set of podcasts and audio experiences to share insights that are targeted for very specific groups, one interviews the best influencers around the world and just understands their process, what they love to do and get them to help us learn in a five minute window what they love to do, so kind of teaching there, so crisp insights whether it’s Bitcoin or blockchain or social media marketing, tactics and tricks.

We’re going to work together to pool this together and share them. Then also on the cyber security side, a passion area and deep expertise of me and my peers, so we’re going to build on that, try to really help businesses. The influencer and marketing and insights on strategy, that’s going to be more targeted towards social media directed population and those that are looking to build on those platforms and then on the cyber security side, it’s going to be more towards the classic vendors, large enterprises and well expanded startup businesses that depend on quality and care to deliver their product as it relates around cyber security.

Typically, cyber security comes a breath after a product starts making a dent in the market, especially after minimum viable product but for the foundation companies, where they’re seeing $1 million more in sales, it is a pre-requisite so we’re going to be building on that, looking forward to seeing what we can share.

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